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Dream Computer Piano 2.10

Dream Computer Piano is a program that simulates a virtual piano
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Dream Computer Piano is an excellent application for all those who want to play the piano on their computer. The software is designed both for beginners and advanced piano players.
The application comes with an intuitive interface that you will find to be very easy to use. A great advantage is the fact that you don't have to learn the correspondence between piano keys and computer keyboard, as the notes are displayed on the screen as their correspondent keys from the computer keyboard. You can choose between the easy, normal or hard mode, depending on your piano skills, being able to play/type both gradually, for the beginners, or you can also simulate playing with both hands, as the advanced professionals.

You can also select the desired display size of the virtual piano, the background (you can chose between the standard images or add an image from your computer), as well as the audio mode. Any audio mode you might choose, the sound quality is excellent, similar to a real piano. There is also an option to record the player, so you can listen to what you have previously played anytime.

The application also comes with an organized library from which you can choose the songs you want to play.

So it is better to download it and try for yourselves!

Jessie Hodgson
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